Concealed Carry Holder Died Trying to Help Others: Witnesses

Derrick Gholston was shot and killed, and one of the robbers was also killed in an exchange of gunfire

A well-known area businessman who stood up to armed robbers and was killed in a shootout over the weekend is being hailed as a hero for his actions, which witnesses say saved over a dozen lives.

Derrick Gholston, who operated a food truck in Chicago, was making his rounds Saturday night when he stopped at a Roseland barber shop, according to authorities. Police say he was filling orders when two men approached, pulled out a gun, and demanded his property.

Authorities say that Gholston complied with the demand, but when the suspects went into the barber shop and announced a robbery inside, Gholston, who was a concealed carry permit holder, confronted them.

During the confrontation, shots were fired and Gholston, along with an 18-year-old suspect in the robbery, were both killed.

Now, those who were inside the barber shop when the incident occurred are praising Gholston’s heroism, saying that there aren’t enough people like him in the world.

“This is what the world is. We need to be able to help each other,” one witness said. “That’s the problem. There’s not enough love and help around here.”

Gholston leaves behind two young boys, and friends are hopeful that they will grow up and know that their father died while trying to protect others.

“It’s sad and I hope everyone is okay and justice will be done,” neighbor Jacqualyn Phelps said.

Police are still searching for a second suspect in the shooting, and are asking anyone with information to call authorities.

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