Common Honors Maya Angelou in Chicago

The Common Ground Foundation Gala celebrates poet, humanitarian

There was plenty of star power in the house when Chicago rapper/actor Common honored Dr. Maya Angelou Saturday night.

The Common Ground Foundation Gala honored Angelou -- a pioneering poet and humanitarian -- along with singer Keke Palmer, businesswoman Dee Robinson Reid and actress and TV host Sherri Shepherd.

"Dr. Maya Angelou, she transcends age and time periods.  Her spirit will be here forever.  What she has contributed to this world will last for good," said Common.  "My daughter is studying her in school.  So she's already present among that generation."

That generational connection was the theme of the event at The InterContinental Hotel, which included a silent auction, dinner and entertainment.

"The truth is, we make a mistake when we think that generations can be separated.  The truth is you need me so that I have shoulders  you can stand on, and you need me so that you have shoulders somebody else can stand on.  We are one.  And to separate us and decide that we'll be polarized is ridiciculous, it's stupid and it's dangerous," said Angelou.

The Common Ground Foundation targets youth in underserved communities to be contributing citizens and strong leaders.

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