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Man Claims Cable Box Had Bugs

An Aurora man says cockroaches crawled out of the box after the technician lef



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    An Aurora man claims Comcast delivered a cable box with bugs that infested his home.

    Antonio Munoz told the Sun-Times that cockroaches crawled out the box as soon as the technician left his house. The company replaced the equipment but Munoz said the bugs are still in his home.

    Comcast, the parent company of NBC, issued the following statement in response.

    "Given the rigorous quality control processes we have in place, it’s difficult to say exactly what happened. As our goal is to do right by our customers, our immediate focus is to resolve the issue to Mr. Munoz’s satisfaction."

    The incident comes about a month after some employees filed a lawsuit against Comcast for alleged discrimination and insect infestations at a facility on Chicago's South Side.

    Comcast said it strongly denies those claims.

    "Comcast adamantly denies the allegations and will vigorously defend itself in court," said Angelynne Amores, the Regional Director of Corporate Communications for the Chicago area, in November. "As this relates to pending litigation, we cannot comment any further."

    The employees were seeking class-action status and created a website -- -- seeking customers who received service from the facility since 2005.