Cold Snap Freezes Chicago

Wind chills hit sub-zero across Chicago

Bundle up, Chicago. It's cold out there. 

A bitter chill settled over the city and its suburbs overnight, dropping temperatures into what feels like single digits.

Wind chills made temperatures at at O'hare International Airport feel like -7 ,  Aurora -13 and -15 in Morris, according to the National Weather Service.

Factor out the wind chill and temperatures fell 9-degrees short of the record low of zero set back in 2007.

Monday's high of 18-22 degrees is more reminiscent of mid-January than December 6. The average high for this time of year is 38- degrees.

Get used to the deep-freeze. Temperatures are only expected to reach 20-degrees on Tuesday.

But don't get too down; take pleasure in the fact that even Florida is feeling the chill. Orlando, FL reached a low of 38-degrees Monday morning, tying a record set in 1981.

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