Coach at Carl Schurz High Says He Was Unfairly Punished After Shedding Light on Sexual Misconduct

"I feel like I did the right thing"

A man who has been volunteering and coaching at Carl Schurz High School in Irving Park for three years, says he lost his job this week for doing the right thing--shedding light on allegations of sexual misconduct.

Samson Mcherter says he has no regrets and he'd do it all over again, despite the repercussions.

"I felt like I did the right thing and nothing happened," he said.

On Monday, the alleged victim says officials told him he'd no longer been allowed in the building, simply because, according to Mcherter, he tried to help a student who may have been the victim of a sex crime.

"A male basketball student came to me and told me, essentially that there was child pornography going around in the school of a female," he said.

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Mcherter says he told an administrator about the alleged video in mid-December and they had talked to a handful of students who admitted they had seen it.

Weeks passed and Mcherter says nothing had been done to help the student.
CPS released a testament saying, "nothing is more important than ensuring students feel safe and supported, and the district is in the process of investigating concerning allegations that have come to our attention. The Office of Student Protections and Title IX is working directly with the school to ensure the student has access to supports."

School officials did not address why it took them so long to investigate on the student's complaint and also failed to elaborate on why Samson Mcherter was let go. 

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