Clinton Supporters Sound Off in South Loop Bar Watch Party

In a South Loop bar, many had their eyes glued to the TV screens for the first presidential debate Monday night.

May of those watching the presidential sparring in Bureau Bar were democrats.

“Hillary always has got her facts together, he’s (Trump) still doing some of the old lines,” said Eunice Jackson said of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Jacques Eugene said many in the Haitian community support Clinton.

“Haitian people really love Clinton,” he said.

Patrons could, at times, be seen shaking their heads or rolling their eyes at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s remarks, while others seemed conflicted about who to support.

“I can’t take Trump seriously, and it’s like theater, a lot of it, so, I’m not too certain,” Christopher Smith said.

Elsehwere in the Chicago area, a more Republican leaning viewing party was also taking place.

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