Clerk Fatally Shoots Masked Armed Robber in Suburban Convenience Store

A suburban store clerk fatally shot a masked man who tried to rob a convenience store Sunday, police said.

Officers first responded to a report of a robbery shortly after 9 p.m. at a Kwick Shop convenience store at 112 E. Liberty Street in Wauconda, according to authorities.

A masked man entered the store with a gun and pointed the weapon at a clerk and patron while demanding money, police said. The 24-year-old clerk pulled a firearm from a hidden location while the customer fled the business. The store clerk then shot the masked intruder, police said.

Wauconda police arrived shortly after and the gunman was taken to Good Shepherd Hospital in Barrington where he was later pronounced dead.

Jawad Samhan said his brother was the store clerk working at the family-owned store at the time of the robbery. He said his brother kept the gun behind the counter for protection, and the shooting incident marked the first time he felt the need to use it.

A preliminary review from the Wauconda Police Department and the Lake County State's Attorney's office concluded that the clerk's actions were justified.

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