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Clear the Shelters: What Participating Pet Adoption Centers Should Know

Shelters will be provided with a free and easy fundraising opportunity hosted by Greater Good Charities

Exceeding population capacity can often be a problem for animal shelters. The month-long virtual Clear the Shelter event helps relieve some of that overcrowdedness. 

Beginning August 23, adopting a furry friend is possible through the adoption event.

With the ongoing pandemic, the usual one-day event is set to run through September 19, giving everyone, including adoptable pets, a better shot at a bigger family. 

Shelters can also determine on-site adoption days based on their situation. 

This year, partnered shelters will not be asked to waive or reduce adoption fees due to the length of the virtual event. However, waiving fees at some point during the campaign is encouraged.

Shelters will also be provided with a free and easy fundraising opportunity hosted by Greater Good Charities, a non-profit group that helps “people, pets and the planet.”

Returning shelters will be sent an auto-renew email to continue participation this year and new shelters can register here

After registering, sign up for the free animal management software, This software helps WeRescue highlight available shelter pets for Clear the Shelters day. If you use PetFinder, you can also log in using your PetFinder ID and all of your animal information stored in PetFinder will automatically be transferred into WeRescue.

Those looking to adopt can find pets in their area through the free WeRescue mobile app. The app features a custom-designed CTA tab and filter which allows adopters to quickly find available animals in participating shelters. 

Since 2015, more than 551,000 pets have found their forever homes with Clear the Shelters.

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