See What's Selling Fast as Chicago-Area Residents Attempt to Contain Coronavirus

Thinking of picking up some hand sanitizer at the store?  You may see empty shelves instead

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Hand sanitizer is quickly selling out at many Chicago-area supermarkets and big box stores, due to fears over the Coronavirus.

“At this point in time people are calling the store, they're asking if we have any stock left and at this point in time, we've almost run fully out of sanitizer,” said Bockwinkel’s clerk, Harrison Smith.

Smith said some customers are turning to baby wipes as a result.
Consumers across the country are rushing to buy cleaning supplies, paper products and water. There also appears to be a rush on pain medications.

Target’s CEO Brian Cornell said the company is monitoring the situation hour-by-hour as conditions evolve.

“Certainly, we’ve seen aggressive shopping across the country in our stores,” Cornell said during an earnings call on the impact of the Coronavirus. “So, we’re working closely with our domestic vendors, with our partners to make sure that we’re elevating inventory in preparation for what we think is going to be a continued demand for stock-up items.

Since some products may be sold out at various stores, some people may consider going online to order items. But be aware that some third-party sellers may be offering overpriced goods. 

CNBC reports Amazon recently removed one million products for misleading claims or price gouging.

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