City Worker Injured While Trying to Help Woman Being Attacked in Chicago

A Chicago city worker and deacon was brutally beaten while trying to help a woman being attacked by two men in the city’s South Shore neighborhood.

Police said the incident happened around noon Tuesday in the 7400 block of South Shore Drive.

The 59-year-old man, Tony Gibson, was beaten by the woman’s alleged attackers, his leg broken in three places.

“He was helping a young lady who was getting jumped by some young men,” said Gibson’s wife Andrea. “He got out of his car to help her and in the process he got injured himself.”

Andrea Gibson said the men were “stomping” her husband.

“He was only trying to help a young lady who was being robbed or whatever,” she said.

Tony Gibson, a Chicago city worker who has served as deacon at his church for 15 years, was in surgery Wednesday at a Harvey hospital. Police said they were still searching for his attackers.

Gibson’s family says he has a long road to recovery and will be unable to work for up to 6 months.

They are searching for anyone who may have seen the attack or been involved in it to come forward.

“This is someone’s father, husband, grandfather,” Andrea Gibson said. “It could be anyone else.”

Details on the woman's condition was not immediately known. 

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