City Cuts Hawks Fan's “Playoff Lawn Beard”

Man refuses to mow grass during Hawks playoff run

Frank Miller didn't think wearing a Blackhawks jersey was enough to show his allegiance to the team, so he decided to prove it by growing a playoff lawn beard.

.ad-300x250-first { display:none; } Just like the players don't shave during the playoffs, Miller decided not to cut the lawn in front of his Park Ridge home.

"Everybody drives by and beeps at it. People stop and take pictures. It's awesome," Miller said.

But at some point the city of Park Ridge -- and perhaps some of his neighbors -- decided they weren't as impressed with Miller's display of Hawks loyalty. And that's when someone paid him a  visit last month.

"I was watching the playoffs one night with my son and hear a lawn mower going off, and I come outside, 'What are you doing?' The guy was cutting my lawn with a giant industrial-sized mower, and he said that the city had come and paid him to cut my lawn," Miller said.

Ever since the city arranged to mow his lawn, Miller says he hasn't cut it again, hoping his "playoff lawn beard" will bring the Blackhawks luck in their Stanley Cup matchup against the Boston Bruins.

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