City Council

City Council Passes Measure to Loosen Booze Rules at Navy Pier

The rule allows patrons to drink inside all of Navy Pier, but they still cannot bring their own alcohol

City Council approved an ordinance Wednesday that will loosen the restrictions on drinking alcoholic beverages at Navy Pier.

The new rule, which was introducted by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, will allow patrons who buy alcohol from a Navy Pier vendor to carry their drinks throughout the Pier's indoor areas. Previously, people could only carry their drinks on Navy Pier grounds outside.

Only alcohol that is bought from a licensed vendor at Navy Pier and is kept inside a disposable cup it comes in is allowed. Patrons are still not allowed to bring their own alcohol to Navy Pier.

Anyone who violates the rule must pay a fine of $100 to $500. Offenders could even face prison time of up to six months.

The mayor's office said the council passed the measure "in anticipation of Navy Pier's summer season." The new rule would likely attract more adults to the Pier, which is one of Chicago's biggest tourist attractions. It would also help retain a crowd in the winter months when it's too cold to drink outside.

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