Chuy in Latest Ad: “People Aren’t Asking For Much”

In the advertisement, titled "Change," Garcia says that under Emanuel's leadership, there are two Chicagos: one for the powerful and one for everybody else

chuy ad change screenshot

In the latest chapter of the mayoral advertising saga, Jesus "Chuy" Garcia insists that everyday Chicagoans just want a little something from their mayor.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel apparently doesn't deliver.

Garcia released a new television advertisement Friday titled "Change." While Emanuel claims in his newest ad that Chicago still has miles to go to become a better city, Garcia says we just need a little more.

"People aren't asking for much, just a little," Garcia says in the ad. "For our families to be a little more secure, our streets a little safer, our schools a little better. It's not too much to ask."

Garcia plays up his image as "everybody's mayor" while putting down Emanuel for being a mayor for the 1 percent.

"It 's like there's one Chicago for the powerful and another one for the rest of us. It doesn't have to be this way," Garcia says.

Both candidates have focused on education in their attack ads, with Emanuel citing his all-day kindergarten achievement and Garcia highlighting the 50 schools the mayor closed down. Garcia even used one of the closed schools as the backdrop for his first advertisement after the February election.

As Garcia attacks the mayor's flaws, Emanuel has used his last few ads to go on the defensive. In his ad released April 1, the mayor claims he's done a lot for Chicago, but he concedes that he can do even better for the city.

In his March 3 advertisement, Emanuel admits he often rubs people the wrong way, but only because he's zealous in his passion to make Chicago a great city.

Emanuel's advertisements have seemingly proved effective as his numbers have risen in the polls, but with just a few days until the election it's still unclear if those numbers will reflect the actual votes.

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