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Testimony Ends in Roadside Murder Trial

Christopher Vaugh is accused of killing his wife, three kids in June 2007



    Testimony Ends in Roadside Murder Trial
    Christopher Vaughn

    Testimony has ended in the case of an Illinois man accused of killing his family. Closing arguments are scheduled for Thursday.

    On Tuesday, defense blood stain expert Tom Bevel of Oklahoma testified his analysis of what happened in Christopher Vaughn's SUV doesn't match the Oswego man's story.

    Vaughn claims he was the first victim of the June 2007 shooting in which he alleges his wife shot to death their three children, then killed herself. Vaughn's attorneys say she committed the crimes because she was distraught over marriage troubles.

    The defense also tried to show medications Kimberly Vaughn was taking may have affected her judgment.

    Rebuttal witness, psychiatrist Michael Schrift, testified Kimberly Vaughn's medications are frequently prescribed together and there is no evidence any of them increase the risk of suicide.

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