Christopher Kelly's Last Words

Police report details last moments and words of Kelly's life

Before dying of a fatal overdose in September, Christopher Kelly said something mysterious to his girlfriend.

“Tell them they won,” the former top political fundraiser to ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich told Clarissa Flores-Buhelos, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The Tribune obtained a 47-page police report from Country Club Hills, where Kelly overdosed, that includes an interview with Flores-Buhelos. The report sheds some light on the last hours of Kelly’s life.

Kelly died after overdosing on numerous pills on Sept. 12, the day after Flores-Buhelos found him in a parked car near at a South Side lumber yard and took him to Oak Forest Hospital.

During the ride, Kelly told Flores-Buhelos he had taken “aspirin, Tylenol and rat poisoning,” according to the police report. The report also shows Kelly had sent a desperate text message to his girlfriend the night of the overdose.

"Come get me asap yard," the text message read.

Kelly said his last words as he became combative with Oak Forest Hospital medical personnel trying to strap him down for a transfer to Stroger Hospital, according to the report obtained by the Tribune.

"Tell them they won, tell them they won," he told Flores-Buhelos, but the report did not say who those words were directed to.

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