Chris Christie's 5 Biggest “Quinn-sults”

You can take the governor out of Jersey...

If you don't have anything nice to say about Gov. Pat Quinn, well then sit next to Chris Christie!

The mouthy New Jersey governor, Republican Governors Association Chairman and obsessed Springsteen fan returned to Chicago this week to stump for Bruce Rauner, deploying a new batch of "Quinn-sults." Behold, the lowest blows:

1. "He will try every trick in the book. I see the stuff that's going on. Same-day registration all of a sudden this year comes to Illinois. Shocking. I'm sure it was all based upon public policy, good public policy to get same-day registration here in Illinois just this year, when the governor is in the toilet and needs as much help as he can get."

2. "Now I see that the courts ruled that the Libertarian candidate can be on the ticket but the Green Party can't. Another interesting development. I told some people this morning: 'You people in Illinois make New Jersey people blush, it’s unbelievable, right?' Every obstacle that can be placed in front of Bruce by the establishment in this state will be placed in front of him. The great news is he’s strong enough to overcome those."

3. "[I will make sure] that the people of Illinois are reminded of the miserable, failed nature of the Quinn governship."

4. "This race is the one that looks the most like New Jersey in 2009. You have a state that's typically demographically Democratic. You have a first-time statewide candidate. You have a miserably unpopular governor, with an extraordinarily dispirited citizenry."

5. "I've been now to 29 states since Dec. 1 and almost in every one of those states people ask me about Illinois 'cause they see this [race] and [say], 'We really have a chance in Illinois?'"

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