Limo Driver Rats On Drunken Homecoming


A limo driver is feeling the ire of a group of Highland Park parents after he called the cops on their teenagers two weekends ago. Leonel Cesar, a driver for Any Time Limo based out of Addison, was hired by a group of 20 teens to drive a "party bus" to downtown Chicago for dinner after their homecoming dance at Highland Park High School. One of the teens asked Cesar to make a stop at his house, and when the boy got back on he was holding a brown bag. When Cesar inquired as to what was in the bag, the boy replied it was none of his business and "Don't worry, you'll be tipped." Cesar decided it was his business, and tried to call the kid's parents. (Life lesson of the day: actual cash works better than promises.) When contacting them failed, he decided to take the extra step and get the police involved.

Thirteen of the teens were busted for underage drinking, and have also been temporarily suspended from any school activities, including athletics. Perpetuating the spoiled rich kid stereotype, this enraged some parents who think their kids shouldn't take responsibility for their actions, the limo should be a "safe haven," and are even threatening lawsuits -- which is ridiculous. Cesar was merely enforcing the companies "no drinking, no smoking, no sex" rule, and when you're responsible for the safety of almost two dozen underage kids, erring on the side of caution isn't a bad thing. Besides, if something had happened to one of those drunk kids, you can guarantee that we would then be talking a lawsuit with some actual merit, as well as possible criminal charges. [Trib, WBBM, UPI]

Photo by pantagrapher

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