Simon the Chipmunk Swiped from Gurnee Mills

It's not the first case of Chip-napping


Simon says: Put me back!

A group of teens was captured by mall security tapes stealing a 4-foot-tall plastic statue of Simon the nerdy chipmunk from the mall lobby the Lake County News Sun Reports.

The statue was set there to promote the film "Alvin and the Chipmunk: The Squeakquel."

It was discovered missing Thursday, prompting a review of the tapes.

One would think Alvin, the unabashed star of the films and the cartoon series that inspired it, would be the subject of a kidnapping, but apparently people like the twerpy rodent the best.

Another Simon went missing from a theater in New Berlin, Wisconsin when a man swiped him from the lobby of a theater there. No one had to pay a chimpmunk ransom, however, because the guy who nabbed him had paid for his movie tickets by credit card and cops had no trouble tracking him down.

Hopefully the Gurnee rodent will have a high-pitched happy ending as well.

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