Chinatown Robbery Caught on Camera, Residents Worry Over Perceived Increase on Crime

Chicago police released a startling video Tuesday that shows the gunpoint robbery of a lone female victim walking in Chinatown last week. Now they're asking for help in bringing her suspected assailants to justice.

In the video, the victim is seen walking in the 200 block of West 23rd just before midnight last Wednesday. Four people swoop in from behind her, robbing the unsuspecting woman at gunpoint.

Disturbing and now more common in Chinatown, some residents say.

"That’s horrible, I hate to see it," Chinatown resident Roy Lara said. "I worry about my kids."

Three days later, on the same block two people are suspected of robbing another woman just before 7 p.m.

"Crazy going after someone so young," said Steven Lee, who lives in the area. "No scruples, no morals."

The Chinatown Museum Foundation is on the same block.

"I've been here in Chicago for about 70 years," David Lee, of the museum, told NBC 5. "[It's the] worst time I've ever seen."

Museum staff have been warned to stay vigilant in the area.

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