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Chicago's Mexican Community Rallies to Raise Cash For Earthquake Victims

The Mexican community in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood came together Wednesday night to pray for loved ones and find ways to help.

After another deadly earthquake hit Mexico this month, people there couldn’t reach loved ones here in Chicago like Alex Catalan.

“Very stressful, very scary--I was unable to get a hold of my grandparents which is the most important thing to me because they’re over there alone," Catalan said.

Catalan says her grandparents are OK.

Rosa Esquivel says her husband’s relatives in Mexico City are trying to rescue survivors.

“The family of my husband is OK, thank God,” she said. “They’re concentrating on helping other people and helping to take them out of under the rubble.”

She and others from Chicago's Mexican community are trying to help — by forming a coalition.

“This is something rare where all the Mexican organizations get together," said Frank Aguilar of the Cicero Mexican Cultural Committee. "I think in the midst of a tragedy we can get something positive out of it.”

Places like the faith life and hope mission in West Chicago have started collecting donations of food, gently used shoes and clothing.

"It didn't really hit until I started seeing kids that were killed," said volunteer Tony Villa. "I saw my kids, all I wanted to do is hug them as soon as I got home."

Wednesday night’s coalition is putting together fundraising events for victims.

In the meantime — the Mexican consulate asks people to donate money to the Mexican Red Cross.

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