Chicago's Loyola Beach Dunes Looks to be Removed as Location in ‘Pokemon Go'

The Chicago Park District has requested to remove the Loyola Beach Dunes as a location on the "Pokemon Go" app.

Jessica Maxey-Faulkner a representative from the Chicago Park District said in a statement that the Loyola Dune habitat is the site of many endangered plants. Gamers can accidently trample and destroy the habitat that is protected under state and federal law by the Illinois Endangered Species Protection Act and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, she said.

The Associated Press reported that the creators of "Pokemon Go" are working to remove real-world locations that do not want to be in the game. A representative from the company told AP that they are updating the game so it remains “fun for players but respects the real world.”

Loyola Dunes is not the first attraction to request removal from the app. Locations in North Carolina, Arizona and Tennessee are looking to remove their specific locations as well.

Three hospitals in Chattanooga, Tennessee have asked for their facilities to be removed as a location from the game in late July, according to the Chattanooga newspaper Times Free Press. One of the hospitals, CHI Memorial reported incidents of people playing the game inside the facility.

Rocky Mountain, North Carolina requested "Pokemon Go" remove city-owned property from the game, according to their local television station WRAL. The city wants to prevent any incidents on city property that may occur as a result of searching for Pokemon.

A few locations in Arizona have requested to have a church, health facilities and a resort removed from the game according to the Arizona Republic.  

The "Pokemon Go" website allows people to request removal of a PokeStop or Gym through their customers support.

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