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Chicago's Anti-Cruelty Society Raises Money in Pet Portraits

Pet owners can submit a photo of their pet and receive a personalized work of art

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The anti-cruelty society, Chicago pet adoption center, thought of a creative way to raise money -- pet portraits.

The city shelter has already raised over $10,000 to helping Chicago animals find homes as situations have been more difficult since the coronavirus outbreak.

“With the way things are right now, we had to think of a new fundraiser that was positive and engaged the community still," said Creative Director of the Anti-Cruelty Society John-Ryan Griggs. "And of course raise funds for helping Chicago’s animals."

Pet owners can take a photo of the animal and submit it on the website through email, where they are expected to make a donation of at least $20. The Shelter staff and volunteers with "art or art-adjacent skills" will then create the portrait.

The portrait could take up to a week to deliver by email and the original artwork could take about three weeks, according to the website.

"Here’s the catch; while our staff and volunteers have many talents, drawing might not be their strong suit," the website said. "But no matter the skill level, you will receive a truly unique portrait of your beloved pet!"

So far, the shelter has created more than 500 commissions and continue to make the artwork.

After the Bank of America Chicago Marathon was cancelled, a major fundraiser for the Anti-Cruelty Society, the adoption center said this project is key to their funding.

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