Chicago's Andersonville Named Among Top Coolest Neighborhoods in the World: Report

Chicago's Andersonville has been recognized as one of the coolest neighborhoods worldwide, according to a new report.

The North Side neighborhood earned a No. 2 spot on Time Out's newly released "49 Coolest Neighborhoods in the World" list, second to just Norrebro, Copenhagen.

"The city’s historic Swedish enclave (take note of the flag on the neighbourhood’s iconic water tower), Andersonville is now better known for its LGBTQ+ nightlife and the bars and restaurants that line the Clark Street corridor." Time Out wrote.

The magazine noted that Andersonville has been particularly popular during the pandemic, given the neighborhood's close proximity to beaches and parks along the lakefront.

As part of a new pilot program, Andersonville is looking to launch Clark Street Composts, serving as a model for eco-friendly composting, according to Time Out.

For the ideal day in the neighborhood, Time Out recommended a morning of Scandinavian-inspired pastries at Lost Larson, then heading to the Wolly Mammoth vintage store. Then visitors can check out Foster Beach and Hopleaf, before heading to a performance at the Neo-Futurists Theater.

Time Out ranked the following as the top 10 coolest neighborhoods across the globe:

  1. Norrebro, Copenhagen
  2. Andersonville, Chicago
  3. Jongno 3-ga, Seoul
  4. Leith, Edinburgh
  5. Station District, Vilnius
  6. Chelsea, New York
  7. XI District, Budapest
  8. Ngor, Dakar
  9. Sai Kung, Hong Kong
  10. Richmond, Melbourne

The list looked at food, drink, nightlife and culture, as well as community spirity, resilience and sustainability in light of the sweeping coronavirus pandemic, Time Out noted.

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