Chicago’s Alinea Named Best Restaurant in World for 5th Year

Getty Images

For the fifth consecutive year, Chicago’s Alinea has beat out every other restaurant in the world to be crowned the very best by Elite Traveler readers.

“There’s always that underlying understanding that anything less than number one is not what we want to be,” owner and executive chef Grant Achatz told the magazine after his 2015 win.

Luckily, anything less than number one is not often where he finds himself.

Achatz credits the constant evolution of dishes that “surprise and confound the senses” for the restaurant’s success and world-renowned fame over the past 10 years since its opening.

“There’s always that constant curiosity and excitement to come up with something new – a new dish, a new technique, a new way to plate the food, a new service to use – that’s just kind of built into our fabric,” he said in the same interview.

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