Cast Members Dish on “Chicagolicious”

Chicago-based reality show premiered June 11

Chicago is getting its fair share of reality show attention right now.

The Style Network's Chicagolicious premiered on Monday night.

The show follows the lives of the employees at AJ's Salon, a West Loop business owned by AJ Johnson.

It's a spinoff of "Jerseylicious," which features life inside New Jersey salon, but much of the action in the Chicago version occurs in the social scene around the city.

"You never know what is actually going to make it on the show, and it was really exciting because we were watching it for the first time ourselves and wondering what's going to happen next," said cast member Austin Maxfield of her reaction to watching the first episode.

Johnson said 250,000 people watched the premier, which has resulted in something he's fully embracing -- getting recognized on the street.

"She was like 'That's AJ, AJ I love your show, I watch your show' and once she said it in the Walgreens, everybody in Walgreens came over to me. But I liked it, it was fun," Johnson said.

The show follows Johnson's quest to take his brand national, and in true reality show fashion, also features plenty of drama between the characters, particularly stylists Katrell and Valincia.

Johnson tells NBC that the show has been picked up for a second season, but producers say a decision hasn't been made.

The show will continue shooting and producing new episodes throughout the summer.

New episodes air at 8 p.m. on Mondays.

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