Chicagohenge 2021: Last Chance to See the Chicago Phenomenon Saturday

Why is there a Chicagohenge? "Chicago’s perfectly lined grid system" provides an ideal landscape for the sun to create an incredible photo op and Instagrammable moment

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Have you seen Chicagohenge this week? Your last chance to catch a glimpse of the phenomenon is likely Saturday.

According to the Adler Planetarium, the Chicagohenge astronomical event, which is when the the sun can be seen directly between the city's skyline, can be spotted around sunset or sunrise through Sept. 25.

Described by Adler experts as a celestial phenomenon, Chicagohenge marks the point when the sun rise or set happens almost precisely between buildings on Chicago's east- and west-facing streets.

Here are some stunning photos captured of the event this week.

"Finding a place to spot Chicagohenge is a no-brainer!" according to a post from Adler. "Simply find one of Chicago’s east-west facing streets, plop a seat, and enjoy the view."

So why is there a Chicagohenge?

Adler credits "Chicago’s perfectly lined grid system," which provides an ideal landscape for the sun rising and setting directly to the east and west during an equinox.

Be sure to grab a spot early. Photographers await this Instagrammable moment and crowds tend to form downtown.

In honor of the Chicagohenge event, one of Michigan Avenue’s most iconic hotels is offering visitors a special deal -- a chance to book a room for less than $20.

The Blackstone Hotel, located in the 600 block of South Michigan Avenue, is one of the most famous hotels in the city, located just across from Grant Park and Buckingham Fountain.

Rooms at the hotel can normally be booked for hundreds of dollars per night, but for exactly 10 minutes on Thursday, visitors can book a room for just $19.10.

From 6:40 p.m. to 6:50 p.m., potential hotel guests can book a deluxe king room at the hotel for just $19.10, in honor of the year that the hotel was founded.

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