Chicagoans Enjoy Outdoor Activities as City Sees Summer-Like Weather

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The official start of summer is still weeks away, but it certainly felt like summer Saturday in downtown Chicago.

“It’s hot as heck outside,” said 10-year-old Tianna White. “I’m really hot!”

The city's 31st Street Beach was busy with people soaking up the sun. Others tried to stay cool as temperatures hit close to 90 degrees in the Windy City.

“We’ve been sticking our feet in the water and cooling ourselves down,” said 10-year-old Jakobi Hudson.

Hudson and his family went sightseeing around Chicago, even stopping at Grant Park. They watched as as the city turned on the iconic Buckingham Fountain—marking another milestone in the city's reopening.

“It just feels like we are really back,” said Lynne Gordon. “It’s the symbol we’re back. It was just so empty and we’d go, we want the fountain and now it’s back!”

Some people couldn’t help but to take pictures with the fountain.

“I’m very excited just because we can definitely come to the city,” said Nora Munetone. “There is a lot more to do out here. I feel like there is less stress, and we definitely want to do things with the girls.”

With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions and the city expected to fully reopen by July 4, some people told NBC 5 they are ready for a new beginning.

“It makes me feel amazing, happy, because I know that it’s close to ending, and it’s just like everything is going to return back to normal,” Keller said.

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