Chicagoans Could Face $500 Fine for Not Picking Up Dog Poop

The proposed ordinance looks to undercut the city’s rat problem

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and a group of Chicago aldermen have proposed an ordinance that would fine city dog owners for not clearing their lawns of feces.

The proposal would require property owners to clean up dog poop on their lots on a daily basis. Non-compliant property owners could face fines of $50 to $100.

“Feces from pets deposited upon any private property must be collected and removed daily by the property’s owner or agent,” the ordinance reads.

The proposal also notes that feces should be removed using a “city-issued or other rodent-resistant lidded waste container.”

The ordinance looks to undercut the city’s rat problem. According to pest control company Orkin, Chicago was the “rattiest” city in both 2013 and 2014.

“The number of rodent-related complaints entered in the City’s 311 system has steadily increased in recent years- from 32,855 in 2014 to 26, 425 in 2015,” the ordinance reads. “The number of rodent-related complaints has continued to rise in the year 2016, maintaining a pace to reach roughly 50,000 by the end of the year.”

Emanuel introduced the ordinance with sponsorships from a group of aldermen including include Milly Santiago, Scott Waugespack, Deborah L. Mell, Carrie Austin and Carlos Ramirez-Rosa. 

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