Chicago Potholes Get Scary Movie Treatment

With thousands of potholes on the streets of Chicago, driving in the city is a horror unlike any other

Chicago's pothole problem is getting the horror-movie treatment.

Local photographer and filmmaker Lou Perez posted a minute-long film on YouTube featuring the city's scariest potholes. And the horror is real, to say the least.

Replete with suspenseful music and shaky camera movements of deep roadway gouges, the ominous narration warns "every person with a car" to "watch out in Chicago."

There is no monster or murderer in this horror film, but as many drivers can attest, the threat of potholes can be just as terrifying, especially this year when winter weather hit hard and early, causing more potholes than usual.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently announced the city added six more pothole crews to fill an additional 1,500 potholes a day and keep the evil at bay. The mayor said 165,000 potholes have been filled since Jan. 1.

The city also released a pothole tracking app that allows users to see which streets were rid of potholes in the last week. You can also take a more proactive role and report new potholes in your area.

In the real-life horror of streets riddled with potholes, Perez reminds viewers in the film's final warning that the vigilant driver will always be the hero: "Every day you take a drive, you need to keep your eyes wide open to discover the madness that will eat your tires."

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