Lady Gaga Sued for Copyright

The lawsuit alleges that Lady Gaga and DJ White Shadow LLC stole her song "Juda," changing its title to "Judas" for Lady Gaga's 2011 album "Born This Way"

Most people would agree that pop star Lady Gaga is a one-of-a-kind artist.

But one Chicago woman says at least one of her songs is not an original.

Rebecca Francescatti filed a federal lawsuit against Lady Gaga and DJ White Shadow LLC claiming the duo stole her song "Juda." 

"The similarities of the work are too close to believe it’s a coincidence," said her attorney, Christopher Niro. Besides the sound, there's a personal connection between Francescatti and Gaga.

Francescatti says her former bass player and sound engineer, Brian Joeseph Gaynor, lifted the track, reproduced it as the Gaga song "Judas" and set it loose on the star's 2011 album, "Born This Way."

According to the complaint: 

In or about May 2010, and at all times relevant, Plaintiff contacted Gaynor to seek his assistance in mixing a new song for a charity event. During their communication, Gaynor informed the Plaintiff that he had been working with Defendent Lady Gaga.

In an email dated May 1, 2010, Gaynor informed the plaintiff that he provided several songs to Lady Gaga, on which Lady Gaga recorded her vocals and then sent them back to Gaynor through iChat.  Gaynor explained. ... Gaynor stated that he "Played bass, keys, co-wrote, engineered, and co-produced" three tracks on Lady Gaga's new album entitled "Born This Way," which features the single "Judas." DJ White Shadow, a company in which Gaynor is a member, has claimed to have written 17 of Lady Gaga's 20 songs on the "Born This Way" Album.

Despite the similarities, personal connection and copyright claim, Niro doesn't expect the case to be easy.

 "These lawsuits are not resolved quickly, but it's a way for artists like my client to knock on the doors of the high and mighty."Niro said.

"Juda" was copyrighted by Rebecca Francescatti in June 1999.

You be the Judge: Listen to a snippet of Rebecca F's Juda here.

Listen to Gaga's Judas, here.

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