NFL Gives Chicago Woman Super Bowl Tickets as Thank You for Volunteerism

The league is asking fans to donate 100 minutes of their time to worthy causes this season

As the NFL launches a massive celebration of its 100th anniversary, Commissioner Roger Goodell and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot teamed up to encourage residents to help clean up their communities.

The event, called the “Huddle for 100,” was part of a drive by the league to encourage football fans to donate 100 minutes of their time to help their communities through volunteer efforts.

The mayor and commissioner participated in an event in Douglas Park Wednesday, cleaning up a park and picking up trash to help draw attention to the program. They were joined by hundreds of volunteers and corporate executives who were looking to lend a helping hand.

“We’re super excited to provide all the materials and tools needed to help beautify Douglas Park,” Bryan Fuller, a representative of the Lowe’s hardware store chain, said.

During the event, Goodell surprised area resident Diane Latiker with an incredible gift, giving her two tickets to next year’s Super Bowl in Miami.

“You don’t do it for this. You do it because you’re supposed to,” she said. “But when something like this happens, oh my God I’m going to enjoy it!”

The Chicago Parks Foundation and the Chicago Park District partnered with the city and the Bears to coordinate the event.

“We’re here to convert park lovers and users into givers and stewards,” Willa Iglitzen said.

With the Bears set to host the season-opening game, allowing Chicago to become the center of the football universe, Mayor Lightfoot is looking forward to showcasing the city on the big stage.

“We are a great city,” she said. “Of course we have our challenges, but we can never, ever forget that we are one of the best cities in the world.”

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