Winter Parking Ban Starts Saturday Morning

Cost of ticket, towing more than $200

Don't let this weekend's lack of snow fool you. A parking misstep could cost you a minimum $220 fine and a missing vehicle.

[Map: City Streets Where Parking is Banned]

Chicago's overnight parking ban went into effect between 3 a.m. and 7 a.m. Saturday, regardless of whether snow is present. The ban is enforced through 107 miles of the city's roadway and is implemented until April 1.

If you have trouble finding a place to park, here's a tip. lets you search for parking spots and compare prices.  You can even reserve a spot from your smartphone, so you don't get stuck. 

Those who fail to follow the signage could be charged a minimum $150 towing fee in addition to a $60 ticket and an increasing $10 daily storage fee. Last year, 188 cars were towed the first night of the ban.

A separate permanent ban on another 500 miles of arterial streets is activated when at least two inches of snow are present to help facilitate the clearing of snow.

Both bans were implemented on designated streets to prevent traffic standstills during major snowstorms in 1967 and 1979.

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