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Rain, Storms to Strike as Hot, Steamy Weather Grips Chicago Under Heat Advisory

Heat indices could reach between 105 and 110 degrees Saturday

Dangerously high temperatures and muggy conditions have made their summer debut, bringing with them the chance for rain and storms.

The entire Chicago area is under a Heat Advisory until 8 p.m. Saturday, with highs in the mid-90s. Combined with the humidity, heat indices could reach between 105 and 110 degrees.

Along with the heat comes a chance for rain and isolated thunderstorms Saturday afternoon. After 2 p.m., the threat of pop-up storms increases. The Chicago area is at moderate risk for heavy rain, lightning, gusty wind and hail. There is also a low risk for an isolated tornado developing.

Any storms that develop will likely move through the Chicago area by 9 p.m. Temperatures overnight will drop into the mid-70s.

Another chance for storms hits Chicago Sunday afternoon with another risk for rain, lightning, gusty wind and hail. The high temperature for Sunday is 86 degrees.

Officials warn that residents should take extra precautions when spending time outside and drink plenty of fluids in this hot weather. When possible, officials say you should stay out of the sun and in an air-conditioned room.

The Office of Emergency Management in Chicago is expected to issue a warning to residents ahead of the extreme heat.

"We're used to heat, but we're not used to it in this context with it's been an unusually cool summer," said Mayor Rahm Emanuel. “We’re going to make sure that we fulfill our responsibilities. It’s also not what people experienced back 20 years ago. While it’s in the news, it’s a reminder that we have to take special care and special precautions to all our residents.”

The city will find some relief from the extreme heat next week, but temperatures are expected to stay in the mid-80s through Friday.

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