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Chicago-Area Storms Possible Ahead of Hot, Humid Labor Day Weekend

Saturday and Sunday are expected to be hot and humid, but dry, continuing this week's warming trend

Isolated thunderstorms are possible in parts of the Chicago area Thursday ahead of a dry, hot Labor Day weekend.

Storms could affect about 30 percent of the area late in the afternoon into early Thursday evening, according to NBC 5 weather models. A lake breeze developing later in the day could drop daytime, 90-degree highs into the 70s for the Bears-Browns game at Soldier Field.

Isolated storms become possible again Friday evening for parts of the area as temperatures soar into the upper 80s. 

Saturday and Sunday are still expected to be dry, hot and humid, continuing this week's warming trend. Temperatures likely will reach the high 80s, and conditions will be mostly sunny.

Labor Day could be the warmest and muggiest day of the long weekend, with a high of 90 degrees and high humidity levels.

While most of the day Monday will stay dry, isolated storms could hit the Chicago area in the evening and overnight, bringing cooler conditions with it.

Weather models show temperatures dropping drastically Tuesday when the holiday weekend is over, with a high of 79 degrees. A chance for storms also persists Tuesday.

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