Mid-April Snowfall Exceeds Predictions

Chicago remains in No. 3 spot for snowiest seasons

The phrase "April showers" apparently doesn't just mean rain showers.

Parts of the Chicago area saw snow showers and gusty winds between Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning, and the snowfall totals in some areas exceeded forecasters' predictions.

Snowfall totals were higher in the north, with 2.5 inches recorded in Wauconda, in Lake County. Another 2.1 inches was reported in DuPage County. Batavia, which lies in DuPage and Kane counties, reported 1.5 inches of snow. Ottawa, in LaSalle County, recorded 1.0 inch of snow.

At O'Hare International Airport, where Chicago's official weather measurements are recorded, meteorologists recorded 1.4 inches of new snow.

While that snowfall is more than the dusting to one inch that most forecasters predicted, it still isn't enough to boost us to the No. 2 spot for most snowfall ever in one season. That remains the 1977-1978 season, with 82.3 inches of snow. The following year, 1978-1978, holds the top spot with a tremendous 89.7 inches of snow.

The new snow came after a weekend that saw temperatures in the 80s and hail-producing storms over the weekend.

Additionally, Monday set another Chicago weather record, National Weather Service forecasters said. The day's high temperature was 63 degrees and plummetted to allow for snowfall. Never on record had there been a date with a high temperature above 60 degrees with 0.5 or more of accumulating snow.

Bicyclist Preston Wollner was making his way through the snow with not nearly enough winter gear on.

"I forgot all of it. I put it all away in the back of the closet and now I'm like without a paddle," Wollner said.

Lamont Matthews refused to give in to winter's reappearance, and decided not to wear a coat.

"I used to live in Madison, Wisconsin, I lived there for 13 years, so I guess I'm used to this weather. That's why I'm without a jacket -- I'm good," Matthews said.

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