Chicago Leaders Unveil New Vision to Increase Tourism

We all have the traditions we share with our visitors who come to Chicago – the architecture tour, the Signature Room, a trip to the ballpark, Navy Pier – but Choose Chicago says it's time for the city to raise its game. 

On Wednesday two Chicago businessmen unveiled a new vision to increase tourism along the Chicago River: a suspended gondola system that would travel from Chinatown to Navy Pier, offering unprecendented views of the skyline. It’s an investment that would reportedly generate millions in tourist dollars. 

Also, the Choose Chicago board has a desire to bring the opera to the people with new video projections that would play on the Lyric Opera House coordinated with the live broadcast. 

In addition, the board wants to re-think lighting and video elements in the city’s subways to allocate all the money at night. 

Last week, Mayor Emanuel announced Chicago broke tourism records in 2015. For the first time in the city’s history, 50 million domestic tourists visited Chicago in a single year. 

According to the mayor’s office, the total number of visitors to the city, including international travelers, is set to exceed 52 million for the year.

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