Chicago to Start Clearing ‘Dibs' Objects From City Streets Tuesday

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Starting Tuesday, crews will begin clearing Chicago streets citywide of "dibs" objects.

The Department of Streets and Sanitation said that due to the melting snow and snow removal efforts, the city will remove objects that residents have been using to hold parking spots starting March 2.

“Our crews have been working around the clock to address snow and ice and ensure Chicago’s streets are safe and passable for residents,” DSS Commissioner John Tully said. "At this time, we ask residents to be neighborly and help our crews clear streets of debris by picking up any items they may have on the street."

DSS crews will pick up any unclaimed items along the daily garbage routes, specifically addressing all 3-1-1 complaints, a release said. Officials encouraged residents to remove any "dibs" objects they would like to keep.

Over the past few months, Chicago residents have found a variety of ways to save parking spots amid the heavy snowfall on city streets.

In early February, a Chicago resident's car window was smashed on the North Side using a chair from a neighborhood "dibs" game, where parking spots are reserved amid the snow using creative objects.

Alec Patterson, Andersonville resident, posted on Facebook that someone had used a chair from off the street to shatter the windows to his parked car.

"I'm very aware of the dibs game in Chicago and 100% respect it, but this has gone a little too far!" Patterson wrote. "When parking on Carmen, the chair was actually on the sidewalk a spot down & thought nothing of it."

Here's a look at some of the creative ways Chicago residents have participated in "dibs" this season:

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