Chicago to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages Starting in 2021

The city council's decision to ban horse-drawn carriages was welcomed by animal rights activists

Getty Images

The Chicago City Council voted on Friday to ban horse-drawn carriage rides starting in January 2021.

Under the ordinance passed Friday, operators will not be able to renew their licenses, and the city will stop issuing new ones, the Chicago Sun Times reported. The city’s 10 existing carriage licenses, each of which has a $500 annual fee, will expire at the end of the year.

The city council's decision was welcomed by animal rights activists who've long been pushing for a ban.

"The Chicago Alliance for Animals is thrilled that Chicago officials finally saw how Chicago's horse carriage operators refuse to self regulate and banned this inhumane, archaic and dangerous relic before a human or horse suffers or dies from this unnecessary activity, like so many have in other cities," Chicago Alliance for Animals Executive Director Jodie Wiederkehr said in a statement.

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