Chicago Terrorism Suspect Writes Letter to Judge Accusing Her of Not Liking Muslims

The handwritten, one-page, printed letter is dated Nov. 12 and written to Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman

The bizarre behavior of a Hillside man accused of trying to blow up a Chicago bar in 2012, continued Tuesday when 21-year-old Adel Daoud wrote a letter to the judge, accusing her of not liking Muslims and suggesting that she read the Quran to become Muslim.

The handwritten, one-page, printed letter is dated Nov. 12 and written to Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman. Daoud wrote that he believes “Americans are Islamaphobic and most of them are brainwashed" and he believes he will not get a fair jury trial.

“I propose that you let me pick someone I know … accompanied by one of your lawyers, or who you wish from the government, to go to a foreign country and pick 12 random people,” the letter read.

He goes on to say “I would agree to any of the following countries: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait. Iran, Lebanon”…. And any other middle eastern country.

In September 2012, federal agents accused 18-year-old Daoud of pushing the trigger on a fake car bomb in hopes of blowing up a Chicago bar. The fake explosives had been given to him by federal agents after a months-long sting operation. He was arrested and charged with terrorism. 

Daoud has had several outbursts in court – including accusing the judge of being part of the Illuminati.

Daoud’s lawyer Thomas Durkin revealed the letter during a court filing on Monday. He is seeking a hearing that will determine if Daoud is mentally stable to stand trial.

Daoud has been evaluated three times by Dr Stephen Xenakis, a psychiatrist and retired Brigadier -as recently as this past October. Xenakis’s report indicates that Daoud “suffers from mental disease that renders him mentally incompetent” and shows “bizarre and paranoid thinking.” Xenakis concludes that Daoud is “unable to assist properly in his defense.”

But a court-ordered report released in a pretrial hearing in October claimed Daoud was competent to stand trial. 

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