Chicago Symphony Orchestra Helps Kids Cultivate Appreciation for Classical Music

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra offers several ways for young people to enjoy orchestral music.

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The Chicago Symphony Orchestra's CSO for Kids program offers several different ways to encourage students to explore the rich tradition of orchestral music. 

One way is through performances dedicated specifically to school-aged children. The CSO recently held it’s first school concert at Symphony Center, and invited students from 40 different Chicago Public Schools to attend. 

Patricia Mueller, a music teacher at Haugan Public School in Albany Park, is a huge fan of the event. She brought 100 students, and says exposure like this will encourage them to seek out more classical music concerts,  

“Experiences like this are invaluable. To see and hear a live concert, a classical orchestra, one of the best, in a great space. There’s just nothing like it," she said.

Timothy Maynie, music teacher at Medgar Evers Elementary School in Washington Heights, brought 119 students to the CSO School Concert. 

“Unfortunately our kids tend not to be exposed to as much as our city has to offer. My goal is to really inspire lifelong lovers of music, and I think that’s what we are accomplishing with our partnership with CSO," he said.

The CSO provides free tickets and bus transportation for CPS students to attend the concerts.

Katy Clusen, senior manager of CSO’s school and family programs, enjoys hosting students at Symphony Center.

“There are children pretending to be conductors, there are children pretending to play the violin, and that to me demonstrates how this music speaks to their souls," she said.

In addition to School Concerts, the CSO also offers Family Matinees, and Once Upon a Symphony programs, both of which you can learn about on their website.

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