Chicago Superfans Featured in Da Double Down Challenge

da double down

Chicago’s famous superfans are at it again -- and this time they're bringing their Ditka love to a whole new generation.

In the latest of Bears-themed commercials, the comedic sports fans from Saturday Night Live’s Bill Swerski’s Super Fans, who debuted on a State Farm’s Discount Daaa-ble Check commercial earlier this month, get technical.

This time, in a send up of iPhone's Siri program, the iconic Chicago characters ask their smartphone questions like “What is the meaning of life?”  and "What time is It?" Each question elicitis “Ditka” as the answer.

The ad is part of the company’s “Fantasy Football: Da Double Down Challenge.”

Each week they plan to issue a wager for fantasy football opponents. Losers will face the consequences. 

Last week’s losers must forfeit their Facebook accounts to the Chicago legend. 

Losers can only post or reply on Facebook with one word: “Ditka”

They must also include the hashtag #DoubleDown for proof of their loss.

Did you get “smarty” in the Automated Ditka Reply #DoubleDown challenge?

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