Chicago Suburbs See Uptick in Car Burglaries, Thefts: Police

Out of all the vehicles involved, police say none had their windows broken.

The amount of vehicle burglaries in several of Chicago's suburbs have drastically risen within the past two weeks, authorities say.

In Wheaton, police say there were 30 incidents on Tuesday night alone. Glen Ellyn police are warning residents after a dozen vehicles were broken into within the past two weeks--with two cars stolen. Police say similar incidents have happened in Lombard and Clarendon Hills, with a common theme. Police are warning resident to lock their doors and hide valuables that would attract would-be criminals.

"[Some car owners] leave the cars open. Sometimes the car is on, they don't turn it off," Jessica Diaz, a Glen Ellyn resident, told NBC 5.

Thomas Rafferty says he's one of at least five victims on his block-- who have had their vehicles rummaged by thieves.

"It seems continuous now. Why did this happen two weeks ago, now they're back two weeks later. How is this happening?" he asked. "You think you're completely invulnerable here and nothing is going to happen but you find out, maybe you better keep your eyes open a little bit more than normal."

On Marion Court and Glencoe Street--some were hit twice.

"We're kind of a sleepy cul-de-sac. There's not too many people going by," said Paul Rohr, a Wheaton resident.

Some car owners-- even leave their keys inside the car, according to police.

Rafferty-- who eventually found his wallet in the grass and cards on the sidewalk-- says it's a lesson learned.

"It makes you think twice about locking things up that we probably should of been doing before and just didn't think of now," he said.

Out of all the vehicles involved, police say none had their windows broken.

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