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Chicago Suburb Named Best City for Living the American Dream

In the storied history of the United States, the American Dream is often illustrated with manicured lawns and white picket fences, maybe a car or two in the garage and a flag blowing under the blue sky.

And an Illinois city caught the eye of a financial tech company SmartAsset, which uses various metrics to rank cities as the best places to live the American Dream.

So, what did SmartAsset find out about the city of Aurora—which tied for first place in the ranking with West Valley City, Utah?

“Aurora stands out by having the fifth-highest mobility score overall, while West Valley City has the 14th-lowest unemployment rate,” SmartAsset says.

The company says Aurora’s residents have the opportunity to “move to higher economic percentiles than generations before them.”

Aurora’s unemployment dropped by about 2 percent, SmartAsset says.

“Aurora lies within the Illinois Technology and Research Corridor, a huge region of industry and commerce,” the company notes.

The other top ten cities are as follows:

2. West Valley City, Utah

3. Midland, Texas

4. Aurora, Colorado

5. Rochester, Minnesota

6. Sioux Falls, South Dakota

7. Kent, Washington

8. Cedar Rapids, Iowa

9. Round Rock, Texas

10. Palmdale, California

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