Chicago Ekes Out Snow Record In Mild Winter

February ranks in Chicago's top 20 snowiest months thanks to Tuesday's snow

Snow Shovel Generic
Getty Images

February snowfall gave Chicago something that didn't seem possible at the start of this mild winter: a snow record. 

Tuesday's winter blast poured 4.8 inches of snow on O'Hare International Airport (other areas saw as much as 10 inches), bringing the city's total to 14.9 inches for the month. That was enough to rank in Chicago's top 20 snowiest months.

It doesn't mean we had a banner year. To put it in perspective, Chicago has only seen 18.4 inches this season with spring around the corner.

In December, Chicago entered new territory for snowlessness, breaking a record set in 1994 for the longest stretch of days without an inch of snow. In the end, the city went 355 days with no snow accumulation.

Adding to the odd season, Chicago just missed the all-time record for warm weather in January. The mercury rose to 59 degrees before sunrise on Jan. 29, tying the previous record set back in 1914.

On the opposite end, temperatures got so cold this month that a Bridgeport warehouse froze over after an extra-alarm fire.


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