“Racist” Graffiti Scrawled on Storefront Over Anti-Obama Sign

Sam Wolfson said he's gotten questions about signs but has never been called a racist

A Lincoln Square store owner took offense this week to a one-word message written on his window in red lipstick.

"Racist," wrote the vandal, in a message directed either at the store owner or the handwritten political signs that have hung for months in the window of the String-a-Strand bead shop in the 4600 block of North Lincoln Avenue.

"To say I'm racist because I do not like this president, that's wrong. I voted for him the first time," Sam Wolfson said Tuesday. "I voted for him, but I feel he did not do the country justice."

Two signs apparently drew the ire of a President Barack Obama supporter.

In one sign, Wolfson wrote, "Rommney [sic] to be president you must say the magic words. If Im elected president I will not bow down to the king of Saudi Arabia."  In another: "Obama I built this business working 7 days a week. You didn't."

Wolfson said he's gotten questions about his political signs but said no one has ever called him racist.

And his signs aren't new. In the past he's posted rants against the parking meter deal, and he said no one disagreed with him then.

"Everyone who saw these signs wanted me to run for office," he said.

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