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Chicago Residents in River North High Rise Complain of No Air Conditioning Amid Scorching Heat

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Some Chicago residents who live 30 floors above ground level say their air conditioning is broken amid record-high temperatures around the city this week.

"Our apartment is literally hotter than it is outside because heat rises and we are on the 42nd floor," said Ontario Place resident Julie.

Dozens of residents at Ontario Place, located near Ontario and State streets, said they don't feel any cool air, making this week's heat "unbearable."

In some units, the temperature rose to above 90 degrees, residents said.

"We just want management to honestly take ownership for not responding to 10-plus work orders for one unit over a month’s time," Julie said.

She sent in numerous maintenance requests, but no solution. Instead, Julie moved into a hostel this week.

Olivia McLeod-Smith purchased a condo at Ontario Place in 2018 and said the air conditioning has been a "lingering problem."

"I’ve called 311, I’ve called everyone I can. And they just keep saying, turn it off and turn it on," she said. "But then in 20 minutes, it will be blowing warm air again. So, yeah, that’s what we’re dealing with."

Ontario Place was recently purchased by a rental company, so residents say they don't know who to contact for maintenance requests.

"I can’t live in 90 degrees and sleep in 90 degrees, you know, I’m walking around with frozen vegetables in my clothes," McLeod-Smith said.

An email from the apartment complex's management showed a backlog of maintenance requests.

"This is an unexpected situation that is being addressed by professionals," an employee at Sudler Property Management said.

In the meantime, residents said they are doing what they can to keep themselves cool. Luckily, relief could be on the way this weekend with cooler temperatures from Friday to Sunday. However, the heat and humidity are set to make a return Monday.

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