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Cubs Fan Abuse Parking Permits: Clerk

City Clerk Miguel del Valle calls for review of residential parking zones, regulations



    Cubs Fan Abuse Parking Permits: Clerk
    City of Chicago

    They're loud. They drink. They cuss. And most disgusting of all -- they park illegally!

    Cubs fans have a "penchant [for abusing] one-day guest (parking) passes on the streets around Wrigley field," Chicago City Clerk Miguel del Valle told the Chicago Tribune recently.

    "I get very frustrated when I see people coming up, going to a Cubs game, for example, and parking (in) a residential parking zone by Cubs park, in effect saving $30 in parking, and I see they don't have a city sticker on their vehicle," del Valle told the newspaper.

    It was just one example del Valle singled out on Thursday in calling for a city-wide review of residential parking regulations -- the same regulations that are confusing for drivers and difficult for the city to administer.

    But that's not the only problem, and it's not isolated to Cubs fans.

    Fans for both teams, it's been reported, have been found to be illegally selling their residential passes.

    Chicago's Department of Revenue provides aldermen with thousands of guest parking permits each year. Residents can request a day pass, or several, when they need them for their guests.

    But when the system is abused, street parking turns into a nightmare for people who actually live in the neighborhoods.

    "It may be that in conducting the review, we find not much has to change, and that residential parking zones for the most part are zones that people want to keep," del Valle said. "But we have well over a thousand zones right now in the city of Chicago, so a program that started as a very small program has now mushroomed."

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