City Drops Red Light Cam Vendor

City's contract with Redflex Traffic Systems expires in July

A new company will soon take over the red light cameras throughout the city.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Friday said he would not renew the city's contract with Redflex Traffic Systems after an investigation revealed the company gave thousands of dollars in free trips to former city transportation official John Bills, who oversaw the decade-long program.

The company's contract with the city expires in July. The company last month was given a six month extension on that expiring contract but officials at the time didn't say whether or not Redflex would be allowed to re-bid.

The city's action this week negates that.

"Given these more serious allegations, we are declaring Redflex not responsible to bid on the new red light RFP when it is issued,” Emanuel spokeswoman Sarah Hamilton said in an email to the Chicago Tribune, which first reported the news.

Because of the investigation, Emanuel last October barred the company from putting in a bit on the city's speed cameras.

The chairman of Redflex's Australian parent company resigned this week.

Red light cameras first appeared in Chicago in 2003. Now numbering close to 400, they've generated millions of dollars for the city and for the company.

Testing on speed cameras began at four locations last December.

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