Chicago Ranks No. 6 For America's Hardest Working Cities: Report

Chicago has long claimed to be “the city that works,” but according to a new study, we’re not the hardest working.

A report released Wednesday by New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer boasts that they are actually the ones that take the crown for the hardest working city in America. Chicago didn’t even place in the top five.

The findings were calculated by analysis of workplace trends of each city – averaging the number of hours workers put in on top of their average commute time for each week.

A New Yorker’s typical work week and commute time added up to 49.1 hours, the study shows, making them have longer workweeks than workers in 29 other major U.S. cities.

New York’s top spot is followed by San Francisco, Washington, Houston and Forth Worth, Texas. Chicago comes in sixth place.

According to the study, the average Chicagoan clocks in 42.36 hours of work each week and has an average weekly commute of five hours and 25 minutes – a total time of 48 hours and one minute spent dedicated to their workplace.

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