Chicago Ranked as 6th Best Sports Town in America

The Chicago sports scene is a rich one, full of historic franchises and rabid fans, and a new ranking out Tuesday shows just how deep the city’s love for sports goes.

According to data published by the website WalletHub, Chicago is the sixth best city in America when it comes to catering to sports fans. Using more than 50 different metrics and comparing 341 different cities, the website takes into account performance level and average ticket prices when coming up with its rankings, and Chicago did well in just about every area.

The Chicago Blackhawks were one of the driving forces behind the city’s success in the ranking, finishing ninth among the cities involved in the analysis. The Chicago Bears also helped boost Chicago as the city finished in 36th in the football rankings. Even the Chicago Fire got in on the action, helping Chicago to a 37th place finish in soccer.

The Chicago Cubs and White Sox helped out as well, with the city finishing 45th in the baseball rankings, and the Bulls brought up the rear among the Chicago contingent with a 49th place finish in basketball.

The top 10 best sports cities, in order, are Boston; Denver; East Lansing, Michigan; Pittsburgh; Washington, D.C.; Chicago; New York: Ann Arbor, Michigan; Minneapolis; and Philadelphia.

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